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Real Life...

I'm aware I've let this slide already! Time away with the family and real life have got in the way a little, although I've still been collecting thoughts, words and images to inspire. Will I ever be able to get the balance of developing practice and earning a living right? It's certainly a skill, but I'm working on it.For now, I'm just going to park all my images from recent weeks here, along with a few words gathered in Secker Woods.

Much has happened in the last month, including the development of Shout Sister Shout for Long Division Festival. I was really pleased with the breadth of talent and experience that came together to play my arrangements. From new players to experienced lapsed players and even one Lady that had grabbed her euphonium out of the loft after a 25 year absence. I really enjoyed playing with a marvellous group of supportive and eclectic women and was thrilled that they enjoyed it too. For now, this project is on the back burner, but I am planning to refine my arrangements, write new ones and work on a community engaged touring model for Festivals next summer.

I've also been away in the interim with the family to Keilder in Northumberland. It is such a beautiful place, and we felt like the only people there despite it being half term! It has so much to explore and such scenery, that I feel it needs a song cycle of its own.

They’ve arrived

Prehistoric plants creep across the floor erasing wilting bluebells

Shade is their ally

A companion to tall oaks and beech, spreading their canopies

Fingers touching - held within their space

Loud cracking and rustles as dog explores

Bounding over obstacles, happy with this new landscape.

It feels quieter this week

The woods have settled into spring and are ready,

As summer arrives on sleepy rays. (21/05/18)

A delicate soft path lies in misty rains

Snow-like, feather-like, warm.

The forest has changed in two weeks

Grown exponentially, paths disappeared.

We stick close to paths now, where once we crossed through the trees.

Nettles, brambles spiking, stinging reclaiming the forest floor.

Prehistoric bracken has spread.

Forest is now jungle.

Elsewhere dense deciduous trees form a barrier to life on the forest floor.

Leaves brown and lifeless rot slowly

We seek paths through the familiar. Lost on our regular route

Where once the woods we’re ours, nature has reclaimed them. (10/06/18)

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