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This was the writing that came about during my walks with Billie during February 2018. I was struck by how changeable the space had become. New life trying to emerge but being thwarted by the cold and wet weather we were having. Some brave shoots appearing with other elements of the forest stubbornly maintaining their winter coats. Billie enjoyed chasing birds and squirrels whilst there was relatively little cover in the woods, even posturing with a very large hawk of some description that made an appearance in the Arboretum one early morning. The Hawk kept a very close eye on Billie and I wouldn't have fancied her chances had the bird been feeling that way out!

Crisp Woods

Green shoots, breathing through leaf rugs

Arrested development, long awaited in the dark

No buds yet as the evergreens watch silent.

With sightlines through trees unimpeded

Choice is everywhere, desire lines multiply

Feeling brave as they descend into mud through desiduous space

Mud still tempered by ice

Birds noisy in the still forest.

Bird taunts canine

Their playful cries sweep low, high

Round and round

Over, under, fast

Beware the roots on paths uncharted.

Crack, crunch, stop.

Noisy leaves rustle and give way to spongy, silent carpets of moss and needles.

A view through the pine trees at Secker Woods, Newmillerdam with long shadows from early morning sunshine
A view through the pine trees at Secker Woods, Newmillerdam

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