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Episode 3

I have set April's musing and you can find it here:

I think we may have been listening to too much 'Greatest Showman' in this house as this song has taken on a musical theatre lilt.

I am actively trying to incorporate different styles into this cycle, as an exercise in composition and to try new things with my voice. Although I don't intend singing the final pieces for the recordings that I hope to do January 2019, it is good practice to try them, or at least I think so anyway. I do keep writing things I can't sing though, particularly in song 2 which is under wraps for now until I find a friendly cellist!

Lyrics are as follows:

Life has returned to the forest.

Green carpet shoots.

Tractors work fields,

Birds ever present singing to signal the spring.

Warmth has returned to the forest.

There's power in the rays,

To warm and sustain,


And nourish.

Shadows of winter remain

Banished in the morning sun.

Brittle needle floors are now soft,

Malleable, ready

To support new falls.

Squirrels chase each other down spiral trunks

And the smell of pine fills the air.

Released by the feet of the walkers

And raindrops cleaning the air.

Life has returned to the forest

Green carpet shoots

Sparkles of a late frost lay taunting.

New life holds true and I am here.

With you.

A Beech Tree woodland scape with the beginnings of a green carpet at the base of the trees, amongst last years leaves.
Secker woods in April 2018

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