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During October 2019, singer Jacqui Wicks and I were extremely proud to be offered the opportunity to be the first musicians to see and interpret a new graphic score by artist Dan Thompson, called Your England. It was developed as part of a larger exhibition during the Margate Festival in 2019


We met one cold October day in Jacqui's kitchen and opened the parcel of graphic score cards, which we then improvised sounds and musical sketches to, sight unseen. I then took the raw materials away to manipulate and create a new composition responding to Dan's score.  

It was a total pleasure to work with Jacqui in this way and we are hoping this piece can have a life beyond the kitchen table. After we had used the cards, they were sent on to another set of musicians in another English location to interpret anew and we are very much looking forward to hearing the other responses when they emerge from around the country. 

You can find out more about Dan's work here, and about Jacqui's other projects here 

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