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During Lockdown 2020 I worked on a variety of different pieces and projects to try and make sense of what was happening to me, my family and the world around me. 


Despite feeling massively unproductive, I did create a few physical pieces, received ACE emergency funding and DYCP. As a result I was able to spend some time tidying up compositions for publication and looking into getting some of my work published. I set a poem for 4 voices, at the time written as a memorial for my Father in Law, as a hopeful comfort for my family, and it helped me to process that distant loss too. Unfortunately it now also stands as memorial for my Mother in Law, and a close family friend lost in early summer 2020. A record of a time that is almost too much to bear, but that at the same time feels unreal.
During this time, I started stitching, slowly, and mindfully, seemingly without purpose, until I realised I was stitching a score, that the shapes and colours I was putting onto fabric, were sounds in my head. The words unspoken, the screams of frustration, the tears and the laughter of time together and apart. Something will come of this 'Covid' Score but still not just yet. When we are ready....
Do Not StandCharlie Wells
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