"A natural musician with an intuitive understanding of harmony and a sweet, soulful sound..."

I am a composer, musician, workshop leader and teacher working across Yorkshire and nationally.  If you would like to know more about my practice, please read my blog. Or  feel free to email me if you want any more information about my work, tuition, musical options for your event, or this site. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Funding Success!
Like many Arts professionals, 2020 was a year of multiple rejections for commissions and diminishing work opportunities, as events were cancelled across the World. I was really pleased therefore, and grateful to receive news in late December of my success in applying for the Arts Council's DYCP fund. This money will allow me time to develop my practice over 2021, looking at ways to expand my digital offer, the visual aspects of my work, and how to make my work more accessible for Deaf artists and audiences, through working with an emerging Deaf artist to develop a new musical vocabulary using movement, graphic score and music. I'm very excited - but also a little daunted, and so am looking forward to beginning the year networking, and hopefully being able to see and experience some new work by Deaf artists. If you have any suggestions for me, get in touch!
Word Fest 2020
I had a fabulous time in October delivering my first 'covid secure' workshops with under 5s since lockdown in March, we explored onomatopoeia together, banging and shaking and learning about the 'Rainstomper' and the result was a piece called Words that Sing, which I will be publishing early this year. The piece is designed for young singers and involves body percussion and BSL alongside onomatopoeic lyrics in the verses. As well as Words that Sing, I also visited libraries across the District to interview people about their favourite books, words and why they love libraries. The resulting soundscape and visuals can be found here
Lockdown Blues
Like many musicians and arts professionals, lockdown hit me quite hard, I blogged a little about it. There will be much more processing to do, I'm sure, but for now, we keep on keeping on xx